Movie promotion
  • 二郎神战纪

    The Legendary Hero: Erlang

    Producer: Li Ying

    Screenwriter Director: Tian Min

    Type: 3D magic, love martial arts



      The film focuses on the growth history of the young Erlang God. Juvenile Jiro is an abandoned orphan. After mistakenly killing a rich man's son, he flees from his adoptive parents' home. Under the assistance of the six chivalrous men in Meishan, he starts the process of seeking his identity. Along the way, Erlang and the six chivalrous men in Meishan together subdue demons and monsters and becomes attached to the third Princess of the West Sea. When looking for his lost relatives in Youdu, Erlang is killed by officers and soldiers defending the city. The third Princess saves Erlang with the secret recipe of the fairy, so the third Princess are punished by Heaven. In order to rescue the third Princess, Erlang learns skills form master and strives for progress with determination.....
       Erlang God Yang Jian is the god of war to subdue demons and monsters and the god of justice to enforce laws impartially in Chinese mythology. "The Legendary Hero: Erlang" is an oriental Magic martial arts love blockbusters, which describes the deeds of Yang Jian growing from a small character into a hero and embodies the Chinese people’s view of family and love. With ancient themes, it tells the story of youth inspirational stories that conforms to the values of modern people. With the combination of martial arts and love, it shows the course of a teenager's growth and it is a family-friendly movie for teenagers. the script after repeated grinding, The script is polished repeatedly, the structure is exquisite and moving, the plot twists and goes up and down, the main and secondary plot is intertwined, and everywhere is fascinating. Thus, Erlang God series IP has a great space for development, including games and related derivatives.
       With a focus on the marketing and value extension of the high value IP "Erlang God", Daoyi Film Group has set out to establish an efficient creative team focusing on the promotion of the big movie "The Legendary Hero: Erlang" and 10 modern version of Erlang God cinema movies, We plan to develop and film 3-5 network films on modern version of Erlang God each year, and at the same time cultivate 3 to 5 stars , which will lay a solid foundation of fans for the 3D magic movie "The Legendary Hero: Erlang" in 2019, enhance the market attention and develop Erlang God series of unique boutique network movies. The Internet Movie combines modern comedy and Erlang God's modern crossing collision. It's meticulously built, colorful, rich and interesting. With short production cycle and short payback period, and high return on investment, I believe it will be loved by investors and spectators.
       Daoyi film industry group will launch and establish film and television fund. In order to provide more high-value investment projects to the investment market, we will use the large-scale cinema movie “The Legendary Hero: Erlang” and 10 Erlang God's Modern network big movie as our products to carefully polish the products with abundant funds and professional team and shape Erlang God Boutique series of film brands and. Welcome investors from all areas to discuss in detail.
       In the meantime, the casting of the network big movie is on the upswing. Daoyi film industry group welcomes all the artists, actors, celebrities and investors in the industry to cooperate and build a new high-value IP project in China.