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  • 健身总动员--群星嘉年华

    Do Exercises—Carnival of the Stars

    出品人/制片人:卢清 李英
    Producer / producer: Lu Qing Li Ying

    Director: Tian Min

     在物质如此丰富的今天,人们的健康却每况愈下,亚健康不仅是上班族青壮年群体普遍存在的问题,更慢慢低龄化。近年来一些像“悦动圈”、“每日瑜伽”“乐动力”之类的运动软件开始在市场盛行,民众也开始越来越注意健康问题。2016年各类健身俱乐部遍布大街小巷,全民健身的概念逐渐被大众知晓。另一方面,在中国真人秀的发展中,也开始越来越“接地气”,竞技、体育、运动类的真人秀综艺节目近年来一直人气高涨,从最初湖南卫视的《智勇大冲关》到时下的江苏卫视的《极限勇士》《勇者大冲关》、安徽卫视 《男生女生向前冲》 、广东卫视《活力大冲关》、山西卫视《冲关大峡谷》及时下最热门的综艺《奔跑吧,兄弟》。节目关注的角度从遥远的隔壁荒野走入了寻常百姓家,节目的参与者也从明星大腕变成了电视机前的民众,“草根文化”成为节目的最大卖点,因此,我们呼吁更多人关注健康问题,旨在打造一档全民参与的健身户外真人秀节目,吸引更多的市民参与到全民健身活动中,从而希冀在社会掀起一股“飓风”般的号召力,宣扬“大众动员,全民健身”精神。


     为进一步促进全民健身运动的发展,提升市民健康水平,2017年深圳市宝安区规划设置了一档全民参与的户外真人秀竞技电视节目---《健身总动员》。该项目覆盖宝安全区,邀请体育明星、网络达人和招募市民参与体育健身活动,同时进行现场拍摄,节目制作后在深圳电视台娱乐频道播出,引领全民健身潮流。 每期选择宝安区不同的人文景点、设定不同的个性游戏,为不同年龄、不同身份的社会大众量身定做,结合体育与文化、文化与旅游、娱乐与健身,将体育、文化、旅游元素完美融合。摒弃传统有距离感的综艺节目,这次走到普罗大众中去,选秀体育明星,放开全民参与,提升栏目的互动性、真实性、趣味性,做到真正的全民娱乐,大众健身,在宝安区乃至深圳,进而全社会掀起活力风潮。 体育运动结合趣味整蛊游戏,每期选定不同的地点设立不同的运动游戏,邀请一两名明星或者网红、名人嘉宾助阵,加入各种矛盾笑点,引发话题性。节目内容丰富,形式多样,用游戏的方式开展体育运动,增加趣味性、观赏性。 以体育明星(热爱公益事业)、奥运世界冠军、名企CEO(爱好健身,公益事业)、网红与大众共同娱乐的真人秀全民互动参与方式,每期节目各具特色,体育活动与游戏的趣味搭配,知识竞答与文化旅游的完美结合,最后通过比赛评出每期冠军,颁发纪念品及健身达人奖章;同时线上线下结合民意,采取在网上投票的方式,以人气排名,最终推出年度参赛选手,以及评选本年度健身总动员人气冠军队及个人,颁发奖品、奖金及奖杯。

Program Background:

     At a time when materials are so rich, people's health is deteriorating. Sub-health is not only a common problem among working-age young adults, but the people influenced are also becoming younger. In recent years, some sports software such as "Joy Circle", "Daily Yoga" and "Music Power" have started to prevail in the market and people are also paying more and more attention to health problems. In 2016, all kinds of fitness clubs appeared and the concept of universal fitness gradually become known to the general public. On the other hand, in the development of reality shows in China, they have also started to get more and more popular. The reality shows in athletics, sports and exercises have been getting popular in recent years such as Hunan “Just Go” in Hunan TV initially, “Ultimate Warrior” and “Be Brave” in Jiangsu Satellite TV, “Go Ahead, Boys and Girls” in Anhui Satellite TV, “Be Energetic” in Guangdong Satellite TV, “Pass the Grand Canyon” and the hottest program “Running Man”. The program's attention has shifted from remote wilderness to the homes of ordinary people and the participants have also turned from celebrities to ordinary people. "Grassroots culture" has become the biggest selling point of programs. Therefore, we urge more people to be concerned about health, aiming at creating a fitness outdoor reality show involving all the people and attracting more citizens to participate in the nationwide fitness program, hoping to set off a "hurricane-like" appeal in the community to promote the spirit of "public mobilization and national fitness.


     In order to further promote the development of the nationwide fitness program and improve the health of the public, Baoan District of Shenzhen City plans to set up a sports reality TV show called “Do Exercise” in 2017. Covering the entire Baoan area, the program invites sports stars, network professionals and recruits the citizens to participate in sports and fitness activities. At the same time, the project will be filmed and the program will be aired on the Shenzhen TV Entertainment Channel to lead the trend of national fitness. Different cultural attractions in Baoan District will be selected and different personality games will be tailored for different ages and different identities of the public to combine it with sports and culture, culture and tourism, entertainment and fitness, thus the elements of sports, culture and tourism are perfectly blended. It abandons the sense of distance of traditional variety shows to reach the general public to draft sports stars and let all the people involved, to enhance the interaction, authenticity and fun of the program, so that real entertainment and fitness will reach more people and set off a wave of vitality in Baoan District and even Shenzhen, and then the whole society. Sports is combined with fun Tricky Games and different sports games are set in different places each period with one or two stars or Internet stars and celebrities, adding a variety of contradictions and jokers and triggering topic. The program is rich in content and diverse in form. It uses games as a way to promote sports and increase fun and enjoyment. With sports stars (who love public welfare), the Olympic world champions, CEOs of famous enterprises (who love doing sports and public welfare) and common entertainment of Internet stars and the public, each program has its own characteristics. Sports and games are interestingly blended, and knowledge and cultural tourism are perfectly combined. Finally, the winner will appear after the contest and be given the souvenir and medal of fitness talent. At the same time, the annual contestant will be chosen based on online and offline public opinions and online vote and the annual champion team and individual will be selected and awarded the prizes, bonuses and trophies.